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Carol and Emily It is our goal as short sale agents to provide you, our client, the most critical information so that you may make the most sensible informed decision possible that is unique to your situation.

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Foreclosure Vs. Short Sale

By San Diego Short Sale Specialist Carol Molitor

Is your underwater house giving you way too much stress?
Tired of your lender playing games with a loan modification stalemate?
Worried about how much time you have before you are kicked out?
Is your bank robot calling you? Will you ever own a home again?
Worrying about the future of your remaining assets, salary and family?
Are you spending your income on a house that is worth less than you owe?

Our Stay or Walk Away Plan includes a top to bottom evaluation of your situation with an attorney consult.

Many underwater homeowners want to know how to recover. What they can do to protect their remaining assets and wages from predator lenders and collection agencies.

Are you ready to take the control back from your bank? Do you want your plan and time frames, not theirs?

If you decide, after the attorney consultation, that walking away is in your best interest then we will provide you with a safe strategy.

Why pay the lender another penny?

We help you with strategies that...

... protect you from a deficiency judgment.
... stops the bank from calling you.
... uses recent state and federal loan forgiveness laws
... minimizes damage to your credit scores
... uses pre foreclosure and foreclosure timelines to help you plan
... protects you from state and federal tax recursions
... includes relocation money and incentive dollars from the bank.

The transaction of a short sale process works like this:

You are in control again! Make sure that the short sale is the best solution.
Walk away free from debt
Inform you of necessary paper work and forms
Handle bank negotiations
Find a buyer with the least amount of inconvenience to you and your family. What happens when you secure a buyer?
Explain what happens when you receive a Notice of Default and plan for the eventual time lines.
Keep you out of trouble with the Federal IRS and California Franchise Tax Board.
Create a plan to manage HOA dues, property taxes, and second liens.
Understand consequences of not paying homeowner’s insurance association dues and mellos roos taxes.
Be available for all questions

Our Mission statement is:

  • To help people in our community gain financial health and stability.
  • To counsel people to find solutions that are specific to their needs
  • To help our country get through this housing tragedy one homeowner at a time

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